Why buy meal preps online?

Why buy meal preps online?

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Buying meal preps online is a convenient and simple way of having fresh and healthy food delivered to your door. Many people who use online meal prep delivery services enjoy the ease of not having to shop for, prepare, or cook meals on a day-to-day basis.

Online meal prep delivery services allows you the flexibility to choose your meals are made up of, as you also get to choose your meal proteins (meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan options), carbohydrate and vegetable options.

Ordering meal preps online also provides you with an easy way to organise what you eat, when and how much you eat. Many meal prep delivery companies tend to provide you with the calories and macros per meal. Which allows you to control your daily intake, and eat healthy meals on a regular basis.

What is the best meal delivery service online for weight loss?

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The best meal prep service for weight loss is very specific to your individual needs. People buy meal preps online for a variety of different reasons, this maybe for weight loss, muscle gain, healthy eating or for simple convenience.

Some online meal delivery companies such as Mydine allow you to fully customise your own high protein, vegan and pescatarian meal preps. We also allows you to customise your own low carb and keto meal preps to support your weight loss, muscle gain and help reach your general healthy living goals.

The best meal delivery services allow you to choose, customise and fully manage your meals to suit your weight loss and dietary needs. At Mydine we believe in being able to fully manage what you eat, when you eat. That’s why we have 8 meal prep packages to fit in with what you need. We also go the extra mile and produce low salt, no added oil meal preps for all of our meal prep packages.

What is a fitness meal delivery service?

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Fitness meal delivery services are specifically geared to your health and fitness goals. Fitness meal prep companies focus their meals and menu on nutritional properties of foodstuffs such as calories and macros. Allowing you to eat to a specific calorie count to help you bulk up, loose weight or tone up.

The difference between buying fitness meal preps and traditional meals is that you can specifically tailor your meals to help achieve your fitness and health goals because of the calorie and macro controls. Note: always choose the meal prep company that you think best suits your needs. We would strongly advise not to choose the cheapest meal prep company as you may find a compromise in quality in the quality and customer service of your meals.

How much does it cost to buy meal preps?

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The cost of buying meal preps online can vary considerably depending on the company you choose. Meals can cost from £4.10 to £8 per meal. Depending on your meal requirements, buying meal preps online is very specific to your wants and needs. At Mydine we’d always say purchase meal preps that are best suited to what you want. Meal prep services are perfect for people who need the convenience of having freshly cooked food, but don’t want the hassle of having to leave home.

What are healthy ready meals?

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The difference between store-bought ready meals and healthy ready meal preps are the way in which they are produced. Healthy ready meals are freshly cooked meals using little to no additives, preservatives, salts and other nasties.

From a visual point of view meals may look the same, however, the way in which they are cooked and prepared are completely different. Healthy ready meals are freshly cooked by chefs, and are also made to order and delivered fresh, not frozen.

Think about it like this, store-bought ready meals tend to be full with a variety of additives and preservatives, as they need to sustain a higher shelf like when inside large supermarkets. Whereas healthy ready meals are only prepared once you place your order online.

As healthy meals are cooked fresh and delivered straight to your door, there is no need for them to maintain an extensive shelf life unlike shop made ready meals. Healthy ready meal preps are cooked to order and are transported directly to you, the customer, in less then 24 hours of being cooked using chilled shipping solutions. This means there is no need to add any additional additives, preservatives, stabilisers, flavour enhancers found in traditional store-bought ready meals.

Healthy meals delivered to your door. How does it work?

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There is normally a very simple process when buying meal preps online.

Meal prep companies like Mydine allow you to choose your meal package, then you can select and customise your meals based on both calories and preferred flavours. From boneless Curry Goat or Jerk Chicken to Grilled Sea Bass, or Vegan Plantain Chickpea and Coconut Veg Curry.

Once you have selected the meals you like, simply choose the delivery date. Unlike recipe boxes, most meal prep companies operate on a pay-as-you-go service, which means there are no weekly subscriptions or tie-ins. This is great for when you like meals delivered, as opposed to needing to remember to cancel a subscription.

Once your Mydine meal preps are delivered to your door you can simply store them in your fridge, where they will remain fresh for between 3 to 5 days. Your Mydine meals can also be frozen for up to 3 months where they can be reheated from frozen.

Why buy Caribbean fusion meal preps?

Mydine is the only healthy Caribbean fusion meal prep company that deliver nationwide. Our meals have no added oils, preservatives and additives and our ingredients are sourced locally and cooked fresh to order.

Mydine is the only meal prep company that allows you to buy Caribbean fusion inspired meals cooked by traditional Caribbean chefs. Our meal preps allow you to enjoy healthy food with a Caribbean twist, seasoned and spiced to how you like it.

Try something different other then the boring “lean and clean” flavourless meal preps and enjoy fresh and tasty Mydine meals that have the same effect.