Who Can Benefit From Meal Prep Delivery?

With access to personal trainers, home chefs, dietitians and more disposable income than they often know what to do with – it’s easy to look at today’s fitness buffs and celebrities and become disheartened that we don’t have the same resources to achieve the ideal body or lifestyle we’ve always dreamed of. But hey, that’s a good excuse – right?

Well, that may have held some truth once upon a time. However, the rise of meal prep delivery companies has not only brought flavoursome, healthy food straight to your door – but cost-effective options too, meaning that excuse no longer rings true.

The body, lifestyle and dinner time of your dreams now lies at the simple click of a button. Anyone can benefit from our meal prep delivery service – we promise you’ll spot yourself somewhere…

Health Conscious

Coordinating the right meal plan to match your physical activity and result in the fitness goals you envision takes a lot of planning out and organising. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Why? A meal prep company can work alongside you to design the perfect nutritional plan which will allow you to reach your health and fitness goals in an efficient, convenient and hassle-free manner.

MyDine takes pride in itself as a UK based meal prep delivery company who use no added oils, preservatives, additives and only the freshest ingredients to ensure that we maintain a well balanced calorie and macro profile. This means that you will not only have a nutritionally balanced meal to help your overall health, but it will also help support weight management to match your personal calorie plan goals. Whether it’s bulking up, toning, slimming down, or something in between – we got something to suit you.

Better yet, MyDine is perfect for vegetarians and vegans. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned dietary professional or simply someone looking to start a new diet, our Vegan Delight plant based meal prep has a wide variety of tasty, fresh, Caribbean fusion vegan meals from Plantain Curry to Jerk Tofu to help you get started with your new diet.

Environmentally Conscious

A lot of companies will understandably use cheaper packaging alternatives in order to maximise their profits whilst neglecting their environmental sustainability. However, here at MyDine we spend a lot of careful time and research on the packaging we use, always choosing the eco-friendly option so that you can be assured you’re investing in a meal prep delivery company with the environment in mind.

Mydine Packaging

✔ Eco-friendly
✔ Flexible (won’t crack on delivery)
✔ Recyclable
✔ Less energy to produce
✔ Leak-free uses heat sealing technology
✔ High quality / strong material
✔Can be frozen to below -40 degrees
✔ Can be heated up to 220 degrees

✖ Not eco-friendly
✖ Not flexible / Flimsy (cracks under pressure and in transit)
✖Not always recyclable
✖ Requires vast amounts of energy to produce
✖ High likelihood of leaking due to container-lid combination
✖ Poor quality / weak materials
✖ Can be frozen to below -20 degrees
✖ Can be heated up to 180 degrees


It is no surprise, in this fast-paced age, people are looking for quick fixes to cut down on their meal prep time, with the Daily Mail reporting that time spent cooking has halved from 60 mins to 34 mins from the 1980s to now.

However, this has resulted in the nation’s health being neglected and eating habits have taken a downwards spiral towards shop bought ready meals and unhealthy convenience foods. Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, warns that: “Unfortunately there are a significant number of people in this country who have no experience of cooking healthy food. All they have to rely on is convenience food. Even those who like to cook for themselves often struggle to find time to really get creative in the kitchen. We are now leading busier lives than we used to, so people are simply going to the supermarket and picking something off the shelf.”

Here at MyDine, we firmly believe that it doesn’t have to be this way; healthy eating and time efficiency are not mutually exclusive goals. With the help of a meal prep delivery company you can cut that half an hour a day cooking dinner down to practically zero, whilst still maintaining the healthy eating you need to get you through the day and achieve those fitness goals.

save time with meal prep

Money savers

The ability to price out your food ahead of time is another huge benefit of investing in a meal prep delivery service. The cost control this brings is invaluable for those who like to budget how they are spending a week and thus pinpoint how much disposable income they have left over to spend on what they love or save up for those lifetime goals and dream holidays.

No more compulsive purchases at the supermarket, no more over purchasing new ingredients in the wrong quantities, no more food wastage and no more spending more money than you needed to. Even if you’re just replacing one meal a day instead of ordering out or doing a huge, time and energy consuming food shop – investing in the help of a meal prep delivery service like MyDine is guaranteed to save you time and money.

So which one are you?

If you’ve located yourself in this list and seen that healthy ready meal delivery could benefit you, get in touch today to see what MyDine can do for you and your life goals. We’re a meal prep company with a Caribbean twist. We help fuel you for your day as well as provide events catering for those corporate events and big occasions. We’ve had a number of celebrity customers who swear by MyDine for their nutritional expertise and culinary finesse.

Check out our FAQs if you have any questions or feel free to get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

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