order meal prep of jerk chicken rice and peas with pineapple salsa

Caribbean Trial Box

Order from 5 to 15 meal preps
from 2 meals a day
for up to 1 weeks
Like what you and want to give us a try? Order your first box of Caribbean meal preps! Meat, fish and Vegan options.
£5.99 per meal

caribbean stew chicken meal prep delivery portrait

Meal Builder

Order from 6 to 20 meal preps
from 1 meals a day
for up to 2 weeks
Fully customisable meals suitable for a variety of diets. Choose your protein, carbs and vegetables. 2 meals a day for 3 days.
£5.80 per meal

order meal prep vegan option of plantain chickpea coconut curry with quinoa

Vegan Delight

Order from 7 to 21 meal preps
from 2 meals a day for 2 days

Try our fully plant based meals, from Plantain Curry to Jerk Tofu. Enjoy a variety of fresh Caribbean fusion vegan meals.
£5.30 per meal

high protein meal preps of salmon and couscous order this meal prep box for 10 meals

Jammin' Meals

Order from 10 to 30 meal preps.
from 2 meals a day for up to 2 weeks

Got a busy week ahead of you? Let us prepare your fresh meals for the when when you're at work or at home.
£5.50 per meal

caribbean meal prep of chicken and vegetable saturday soup

Vybz Weight Loss

Order from 15 to 50 meal preps
from 3 meals a day
for up to 2 weeks
This box has additional healthy low calorie meals as well as our tradition Caribbean fusion meals.
from £79.50
£5.30 per meal

order meal prep fish hake rundown meal with rice and peas and corn

Better Body Meals

Order from 21 to an Unlimited Number Of Meal Preps!
More healthy meal choices, more meals, more everything! Prep for weeks or months with big savings!
from £107.10
£5.10 per meal

caribbean coconut veg curry meal prep delivery uk landscape

Sunshine Meal Preps

Order from 25 meal preps
3 meals a day for 8 days

Perfect for eating fresh food on the go, and having meals frozen for convenience. From Curry Goat to Coconut Veg Curry.
from £107.50
£4.30 per meal

order meal prep steak dinner with sweet potato mash and veg

Reggae Meal Deal

Order from 30 meal preps
3 meals a day for 10 days

Stock up on your meal preps. All meals are delivered fresh and can be frozen for up to 3 months. Eat what you like, when you like.
from £126.00
£4.20 per meal

caribbean ackee and saltfish meal prep delivery portrait

Monthly Meal Preps

Order from 35 meal preps
Select an unlimited number meals

The ultimate monthly meal prep package, save yourself time, money and hassle each with with a months worth of Mydine meals.
from £145.25
£4.15 per meal