Meal Prep for the Gym

7 Headaches of meal prep for the Gym 

meal prep delivery

Meal Prep for the gym can be an annoying and time consuming factors that go into prepping your meals for the week. The top 7 things that meal preppers know all to well:

  1. The time it takes to cook
  2. Weighing and boxing each meal
  3. Finding the right LIDS to go on the correct meal container!
  4. Tiredness after a workout, then needing to cook your meals
  5. Eating the same boring meal each day for at least the next 3 to 5 days
  6. Washing up once you’ve prepped your meals
  7. Figuring out what to eat for the following week

This is where MyDine steps in, by spending 10 minutes picking your meals on our website, or 3 minutes spent picking your weekly or monthly subscription box. You can enjoy a fresh, mixed, calorie controlled meals, without all the hassle stress and headache of having to prep them yourselves. Making Meal prep for the gym simple and easy.

Mydine Meal Prep Delivery Head Chefs Errol Cooking Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Door

What Makes Our Gym Meal Prep Company Different…

We are the only gym meal prep delivery company in the UK that provide fresh and healthy Caribbean weight loss or  muscle gain gym meal preps. We add more flavour to your meals without the additional calories. Choose from our subscription meal prep box our custom meal builder.

With our meal preps being 300g to 400g (200g protein, 150g carbs, 50g vegetables). You can bulk up faster and more efficiently when you “go large” with up to an additional 200g of food to your gym meals. Taking a single cooked meal weight to between 500g and 600g.

mydine meal prep delivery of jamaican brown stew chicken

Meals with NO added oils, salts, additives or preservatives

All of our meal prep for the gym are cooked with NO added oils, are low in salt and have no additives, preservatives or artificial colourings or flavourings.

Our meals are also chef prepared and delivered to you within 24-hours of them being cooked. So you know, you’re getting only the freshest gym meal preps delivered to your door.

Our weight loss and muscle gain meal preps are also 100% customisable, which means you can mix and match the foods you want. If you’re looking to loose weight, or are bulking up you can pick the proteins, carbs and vegetables for each meal that you need to reach your fitness goals.

Want to know how we do this… We don’t take short cuts! We have professional chefs with over 60 years of catering experience combined.

Each of our gym meal items are developed and crafted to ensure we provide quality flavour without the added calories. Before anything gets added to our menu, we make sure it tastes amazing as well as ensuring its good for you too!

High Protein Vegan Meal Prep

High Protein, Low Carbs, Keto & Vegan Diets!

We understand everyone’s dietary needs are different; this is why we give you the ability to fully customise each of your muscle gain gym meals… Yes, that’s right, you can customise each of your gym meals to suit you. We have weight loss meals, bulking meals, vegan meals and much more!

Simply choose your meal prep package. Select the protein, carbs and vegetables you want for each meal. Then decide if you want to go large on your meals.

Once you have selected your gym meal preps, all you need to do is add them to your basket, choose your delivery date and checkout.

Once we receive your order our chefs will begin preparing your meals the day before your chosen delivery date. Using our overnight courier (DPD), your meals will be with you the following day.

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Healthy Gym Meal prep Delivery

We know you’re busy, and food is the last thing you want to worry about after a hard training session, that’s why we provide you with the comfort of knowing there’s a fresh and healthy meal waiting for you in the fridge with you get home.

With Mydine there is no hassle, no stress, just add your meal to the microwave for 3 to 4 minutes whilst you make yourself a protein shake. Maybe you’re trying to loose weight, read more about our weight loss or muscle gain meals.

high protein meal prep peppered steak

Our MyDine Gym Food Tips

Whether you’re new to the fitness game or are a seasoned veteran, we thought we’d give you some healthy eating tips on foods that are great for health and nutrition. Keep reading to find out more… 

High sources of protein for meals

Lean meats – lean meats are generally thought of as meats that are low in fat like; turkey, chicken breast and lean beef. They are rich in protein and help the body repair and grow.

Fish – fish and seafood are great sources of protein as they generally are low in fat and are high in omega-3. Most commonly, gym users usually consume Salmon, Sea Bass, Prawns and Tuna as they are quick and easy to prepare.

Eggs – did you know an egg contain around 6g of protein and are easy for the body to digest making them perfect for recovery.

Seeds, nuts, beans and pulses – these are great for meat eaters and vegans. Believe it or not, these types of food can provide a similar level of protein the body needs to function at its optimal level. They also release electrolytes during exercise. Pulses and nuts such as; chickpeas, lentils and pistachios are great foods to incorporate into gym meals.

caribbean salmon meal prep delivery product landscape

Natural Healthy Fats for meals

Fish – Fatty fish are full of omega-3 and fatty acids, this helps keep your heart healthy. They are a natural way to fill your body with goodness, whilst also making your gym meals feel lighter and tastier. Foods such as Salmon, Mackerel and Trout are perfect items to incorporate into your gym meal preps.

Avocado – One of the nations newest favourite foods, Avocado is made up of mostly naturally occurring healthy fats. They are a great source of potassium and fiber; studies have found them to lower cholesterol.

Nuts and seeds – suitable for both a plant-based and meat eaters diet. Nuts and seeds are full of healthy fats and fiber. They are also full of vitamin E; some types of healthy nuts include Almonds, Pistachios, Pecans, Walnuts, Macadamia Nuts and many more.

Full Fat Yoghurt – the hint is in the name! Full fat yoghurt is great to add to your gym meals. Whether it is for breakfast, or adding it as a substitute to cream. Full fat yoghurt has full on healthy and naturally occurring probiotic bacteria. If you purchase yoghurt, ensure you only buy “Natural Live Yoghurt”.

Want to start saving time and effort with your gym meals… check out our meal preps and pick a packages that best suits you…


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