What are healthy meal prep delivery services?

What are meal prep delivery services and how do they work?

5 simple explainers what meal prep delivery services are

1) Saving you valuable time and money each week

Slimming world blogger, Jane Gammons reviews our Mydine meal prep delivery service. Click to see what she thinks.

Meal prep delivery companies provide a custom food service which allows you to select your protein, carbs and vegetables across the period of 1 week up to 1 year. Many meal prep delivery services like deliver on both a local and national scale dependant upon their service offering. The purpose of a meal delivery service is to save you time and money each week, which would otherwise be spent on food shopping, preparing and cooking your day-to-day meals. Meal prep delivery services also save you from spending additional money on fast food, dining out and buying the cheeky Friday takeaways.

2) Healthy cooked meals delivered to your door

mydine healthy meal preps delivered to your door

Meal prep delivery services provide freshly cooked pre-prepared meals to your door as well as putting a dedicated focus on health and nutrition. This is one of the biggest considerations of any meal prep delivery service. Many services like Mydine provide healthy meals delivered to your door, as well as provide you with convenience and the health benefits of a nutritionist meal plan.

3) Freshly cooked meals made to order

The difference between Meals on Wheels companies and meal prep delivery services is a meal prep companies produce meals fresh, balanced and nutritious meals which are delivered to your front door. Meal preps normally arrive chilled ready for the fridge, freezer or microwave and can be consumed over the course of days. Whereas some meals of wheels companies supply a hot meals on a day-to-day basis ready for immediate consumption.

4) Meal prep delivery companies are NOT a meals on wheels service or recipe boxes

Unlike meals on wheels services and recipe boxes; meal prep delivery services provide fully customisable and freshly cooked, pre-prepared meals which are delivered chilled, straight to your door anywhere in the UK. Meal prep delivery is perfect if you are a busy person who is constantly on the go, doesn’t have time in the day to prepare fresh meals, are unable to, or doesn’t want to cook. In comparison, recipe boxes supply customers with the raw ingredients to cook their own meals, which is a lot more time consuming and labour intensive. Whereas many Meal on Wheels company provides customers with hot ready made meals which normal contain additives and preservatives, and are not as nutritious or customisable as meal preps.

5) Meal prep for the week, month or year!

mydine meal prep delivery service delivery nationwide

Meal prep delivery services can provide you from 5 to an unlimited number of meals dependant upon your needs. Some meal prep companies like Mydine also offer trial packages; this is a great way to see if it’s a service that works for you. If you are a first time user of a meal prep delivery service, we’d advise trialling the service so you can see if the meals are something you like. Ask yourself “does a meal prep service fit into my daily/weekly routine?”. This is what is most important; any meal prep delivery service should fit into your routine as their aim is to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Questions you maybe asking yourself…

Should I use a meal prep delivery service?

Using a meal prep delivery service is all about your individual needs; we find a variety of people use our service. If you lead a busy life and don’t have time to cook, but want fresh and healthy meals with the convenience of having them delivered to your door, we’d say trial a meal prep company and see if it works for you. Similarly, many fitness enthusiasts and busy professionals use our meal prep service as it is a way for them to manage their diet and nutrition over the course of weeks and/or months. In addition to carers who want to provide their loved ones with wholesome fresh and healthy meals.

How much does it cost for meal prep?

In the UK, meal prep delivery services can vary in terms of cost. There are many factors which effect this, on average a meal prep delivery service can cost between £30 – £70 a week depending on the number of meals you choose, and the contents of each meal. Per meal, prices can vary on average from £4.20 to £8 depending on the company. We’d always advise shopping around to see what type of food you like and if the cost suits you, give it a try.

At Mydine, what makes us different is we are the only Caribbean meal prep company that provides healthy, customisable, no added oils, low salt, meal preps delivered straight to your home or office, anywhere in the UK.

What’s the best meal prep delivery service? … But we’re bias.

There are many similar meal prep delivery services, what we would say is many recipe box companies refer to themselves as meal prep. This is not the case; the purpose of meal prep is to have your meals pre-prepared for the coming week. Whereas recipe boxes supply you with the ingredients to you’re your meals day-by-day. It’s important you know this; as it will change the way in which you need to prepare your meals for the week. It can be the difference in 3 minutes fresh meals in the microwave with a meal prep company, or 30 minutes of cooking and 15 minutes of washing up with a recipe box.

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