10 things you need to know about meal prep companies

Here are the details you should know before ordering from a meal prep company

1. What are meal prep companies?

Meal prep companies are organisations that provide freshly cooked, ready-to-eat meals delivered
straight to your front door. Not to be confused with recipe boxes, meal prep companies produce freshly cooked meals from scratch.  Whereas recipe boxes will supply you with the raw ingredients for you to prepare and cook meals for yourself. Meal prep companies also produce meals that arrive in small batches, chilled, ready for your fridge or freezer that can be reheated in the microwave at any time.

2. Meal prep companies or Recipe box delivery?

It is all down to personal preference, recipe boxes have their pros, as do meal prep companies. It is all
depends on what you think will suit you best. We have listed below the benefits and drawbacks of both recipe boxes and meal prep delivery companies.

13 benefits of using a meal prep company

  1. Chef prepared and weighed meals
  2. Perfect for those who don’t like to or are unable to cook – but want freshly cooked food
  3. Delivered straight to your front door
  4. Pay-as-you-go service, no weekly or monthly meal subscriptions
  5. Freshly chef prepared meals ready to reheat at anytime
  6. Fully customise your meals and choose the food you like – no weekly set meals.
  7. Fresh ingredients and produce
  8. Cooked by professional chefs.
  9. A focus on health and nutrition
  10. Key information on meal calories and macros
  11. Time saving for those who have little time to cook but want to eat good nutritious food.
  12. Shelf life of meal preps can last between 3 and 5 days.
  13. Multiple meal prep delivery dates – you can choose when you want your meals to arrive. 

Drawbacks of using meal prep companies

  • Not subscription based – requires you to manually select and purchase your meals each week
  • Not suited for those who want to cook more, or enjoy cooking

6 benefits of using a recipe box company

  1. Great for people who enjoy cooking
  2. Weekly subscription, not pay-as-you-go (for those who don’t want to order their meals
    each week)
  3. Meal ingredients are delivered to your door
  4. Fresh ingredients and produce
  5. Measured ingredients to reduce food wastage
  6. Meals take between 30 minutes and 40 minutes to cook

Drawbacks of recipe boxes

  • Weekly subscriptions – you get billed if you don’t cancel and didn’t want your recipe box for that week
  • Needing to cook is a time consuming activity – not great for busy or time short people
  • Shelf life of food items in recipe boxes are shorter than cooked meal preps
  • Meals are not customisable, are fixed based on the company menu supplied on that given week
  • Recipe box companies are more expensive in comparison to meal prep delivery in relation to cost vs. time spent.

3. How do meal prep companies compare with meals on wheels?

In the traditional sense, meals on wheels provide customers with hot cooked meals on a daily basis. Whereas meal prep companies offer freshly cooked meals that arrive chilled ready to be reheated in the microwave or over the hob.

As meal prep companies deliver chilled ready-to-eat meals they can be delivered anywhere in the UK.
Whether you are based in London, Scotland, Wales or Leeds, many meal prep companies are not bound by location and will deliver nationwide.

Meal prep companies also put a large emphasis on the health properties of their food. You can see
exactly the calories and macronutrients of each meal you have customised. This means if you are a person looking for healthy meals (low salt, sugar and no added oils food), or just want to improve your eating habits then meal prep is a great way to get nutritious and fresh food delivered to your door.

4. How long do meal preps last fresh in the fridge?

As meal preps can be customised to suit your dietary needs each meal will have a varied shelf life.
On average, a Mydine meal will remain fresh for between 3 to 5 days in the fridge and can be frozen for up to 3 months.

Mydine meal preps are individually dated so you can see exactly when each meal expires. We also detail the name of each meal, the date it was cooked, as well as the Chef it was cooked by and all reheating instructions from fresh and from frozen.

5. How many meals do I need to order for delivery?

At Mydine, we only require you to order 5 meals that can be ordered from our Caribbean Trial Box which can be delivered anywhere in mainland UK to a home or work address. But the minimum order for delivery varies depending on the meal prep company you choose.

6. How do I order meal preps for myself (and/or a) family member?

All you need to do is select the meal prep package you prefer. Our packages vary from our 5 meal trial prep box to our 35 monthly meal prep plans. You can see our other meal packages here.

Each of our meal prep packages requires you to select a minimum number of meals with an unlimited
maximum. Once you have selected your meal prep package you can fully customise each of your meals by choosing your protein (meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan options), carbohydrates and vegetables for each meal.

Once you have chosen your meals all you need to do is select your delivery date at the checkout. We deliver on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays for all nationwide deliveries through our next day delivery courier.

If you are based in Birmingham or the Black Country, we also provide our local customers with the option to advance your delivery by 1-day if selected.

Mydine are also the only meal prep company that offer a “drop-in” service for elderly and disabled customers based in Birmingham and the Black Country.  Our drop-in service is where we place your meal preps into the fridge or freezer on request, so you don’t need to worry about unboxing your meals.

7. Can I have my meal preps delivered to a different address?

Yes! All you need to do at the checkout page is select the option “deliver to a different address”; here you can select the alternative address you’d like your meals delivered to.

If you are ordering for yourself, but don’t want your meals delivered to your home, our couriers are
more than happy to deliver them to your place of work or another address.

If you are ordering for a family member, simply add their delivery address information and we’ll get their
meals delivered straight to their door.

8. What makes Mydine different from other meal prep companies?

  • We are the only Caribbean fusion meal prep company
  • Delivered nationwide
  • We deliver fresh, healthy and chef-prepared ready-to-eat meals anywhere in the country.
  • No added oils, low salt ready to eat meals
  • Our meals average between 350g and 500g – larger than all other meal prep companies on the market
  • Our food is cooked within 24 hours of delivery – maintaining your foods freshness
  • Calorie controlled meals
  • Choice of over 600 meal combinations (meat, fish, poultry, vegetarian and vegan options)
  • Meal prep drop-in service for Birmingham based customers who are elderly or disabled.
  • 1-day advanced delivery (free of charge) for Birmingham and Black Country based customers.
  • 3 to 5 day meal shelf life
  • Pay-as-you go meal prep service (no subscription)
  • Multiple meal delivery days available (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays)

9. What are the best meal prep companies in the UK?

We understand that buying meal preps online is difficult, mainly because you are unable to physically see or try the product before purchasing. This is why at Mydine we always say, “ask yourself these questions”… If at least 8 out of 10 answers come back as a “yes” then give it a go. Trial it, and if you find it is something you like, you can always increase your meal purchases on your next order.

10. Questions to ask yourself before purchasing your first box of meal preps

  1. Do they have good business reviews? (Check Google and Facebook). Do your meal prep research!
  2. Are their meal prep reviews good?
  3. Do they offer a trial option?
  4. Do they offer the food you like or would like to try?
  5. Do they have a 5-star food hygiene rating? At Mydine, we do… (See our 5-star
    hygiene certification here)! We
    believe all food establishments should hold themselves to the same high
    standards. You can check the hygiene rating of any food business on the Food
    Standards Agency website.
  6. Are you satisfied with their delivery offerings? Delivery dates etc.
  7. Could you see yourself using this meal prep company more than once?
  8. Does the business appear to care about their customers? Nobody wants to use a meal prep
    company that doesn’t value their customers.
  9. Are the meals good value for money based on the meal weights and food produce?
  10. Having seen what that company has to offer, would you tell a friend?

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