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5 ways to spend Valentines Day if you’re single

Valentines Day can be a drag if you don’t have a plus one to share it with. Here’s 5 things you can do to liven up Valentines day! 1)  Make your single friends your Valentines! Remember, single or not, not everyone celebrates Valentines Day. Even so, text or call your single friends wishing them Happy Valentines Day, it will put a smile on their face to hear from you. Share the love! 2) Treat yourself Treat yourself and buy something you

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5 different things to do for Valentines Day 2018

It’s getting close to that time of year again…. Valentines Day! Here are a few alternatives you and your significant other can do to celebrate V-day! 1. A romantic night in   Instead of spending a small fortune on a restaurant and hotel this Valentines Day, try a romantic night in with your partner. Re-arrange your living area, get the table out, turn the lights down and light the candles. Not interested in cooking but want to impress your other

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5 Easy tips to eating healthy in 2018

The festive season is over, and we’re sure you’re feeling the food hangover! So here are 5 easy food tips to eating healthy in 2018! Stay away from drastic weight loss plans Weight loss plans tend to be a quick fix to show instant results but do not provide long-term sustainable outcomes. Drastic weight loss plans tent to leave people in very high calorie deficit because of the lack of food consumed. Although weight loss can be rapid, weight gain can

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Sea Bass Fillet With Boiled Potatoes And Spinach


It has been long anticipated, and we’re proud to announce we’ve launched our “change carbs” function on our website. What is the “change carb” function? Our change your carbs function does just that. Allows customers to change their carbohydrates for select meals on our website. We now allow customers to change their meal carbs from white rice or Jamaican rice and peas, to either sweet potato mash or boiled potatoes. Or customers can also have their meals as described on

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Recipe boxes (recipe kits) vs. meal prep companies

Which should I choose, recipe boxes or meal prep companies? What are recipe box companies? Recipe boxes (recipe kits) are cooking kits delivered to your door. They contain the raw ingredients and recipes to produce a variety of meals at home. Recipe box companies provide exact weight and measurements for each meal to reduce additional waste, alongside cooking instructions to guide you through the process. On average recipe kits normally contain between 3 and 5 meals per week. What are

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425 caribbean hot wings challenge meal prep delivery

Mydine 4-2-5 Hot wings Challenge

The 4-2-5 Hot wings challenge Mydine meal prep has created the nationwide 4-2-5 hot wings challenge. As well as ordering your regular meal preps, you can also order the Mydine 4-2-5 hot wings and take on the challenge. Made with 6 different chillies and 4 different spices, our hot wings are not for the fainthearted. How does it work? Get you or your friends to get the camera ready, and hit record! No other food or drink allowed as soon

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