ready meals to the elderly

Keep Grandma on Her Toes With Caribbean Ready Meals

The delivery of ready meals to the elderly can easily be achieved, whether it’s directly to their homes or to their care home centre. MyDine offer Carribean fusion ready meals, freshly cooked and full of balanced nutrients. The ageing process is natural and unstoppable, so we shouldn’t fight it. It is also human nature for us to care for loved ones and family that are close to us. Therefore, ensuring your elders get the right nutrition as they grow old

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Save the planet with Vegan Meal Delivery

Help Save the Planet by Choosing a Vegan Meal Delivery Service

Is veganism taking over the world? Well, according to the The BBC, there are over half a million vegans living amongst us in the UK, with approximately 20% of 16-24 year olds taking up the plant based diet. This is 350% more than a decade ago. Whilst veganism is a fairly new, the first vegan recipe was actually published in 1849, simply by using oil instead of butter and eggs. 100 years later, the word vegan was coined. So why

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Clean Eating

A Clean & Colourful Kitchen Delivered To Your Door

There are so many weird and wonderful foods across the world, but it is always important to come back to mother earth and consume real food. This is whole, unprocessed food that is free from chemical additives, and rich in nutrients. However, since processed foods became popular in the 20th century, the western diet has shifted toward takeaways and fast food. We’ve all done it before — woken up bright-eyed and with good intentions to come home and cook ourselves

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mydine vegan coconut plantain and chickpea curry meal prep meal prep

The MyDine Meal Prep Update (Round Up)

It has been a busy couple of months for MyDine, but it has been full steam ahead with us improving our service to all our customers. We thought we’d give you an update on all things new! Keep reading to find out more… Fully customisable meals delivered – January 2019 January saw us launch our fully customisable meal prep packages allowing customers to choose their proteins, carbs and vegetables for each meal! As a meal prep company we know everyone

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