Keep Grandma on Her Toes With Caribbean Ready Meals

The delivery of ready meals to the elderly can easily be achieved, whether it’s directly to their homes or to their care home centre. MyDine offer Carribean fusion ready meals, freshly cooked and full of balanced nutrients. The ageing process is natural and unstoppable, so we shouldn’t fight it. It is also human nature for us to care for loved ones and family that are close to us. Therefore, ensuring your elders get the right nutrition as they grow old is vital to staying healthy and supporting their bodies ageing needs. 

Caring for Elderly People

Everything changes over time; fashions flip, grey hairs grow and taste buds develop. Our bodies nutritional needs is no exception to this change.

In general, older people tend to eat smaller portion sizes as their bodies rely on fewer calories. This observation should not be applied broadly, each body is unique and nutritional needs solely depends on the individual and their activities. 

As we age, we become more reliant on those around us. Whether we look for support from close family or carers running an elderly home; the human body is not capable of what it once was. This means that cooking nutrition hot meals becomes more of a difficult chore, rather than a fun spice up in the kitchen.

As well as fewer calories, other aspects of diet, such as vitamins, minerals and types of foods that can be dangerous to older people also need to be considered.  Old age is not the time to become too strict with someone’s diet. The important thing is that they get enough to eat and of the right types of food.

General Nutrition for Older People

Energy requirements reduce with old age due to a decrease in the resting calorie use, this is a direct result of a decline in physical activity. Other changes such as a less-effective synthesis of vitamin D also occur. 

As nutritional needs for the elderly change, it means that the standard three meals a day rule might not fit the individual. Some may prefer to eat five small meals, snacks or even just one main meal a day, and that’s perfectly acceptable – as long as they get the right nutritional value. 

 ready meals to the elderly

Increase Appetite and Avoid Malnutrition

Studies show that if elderly people live on their own without the proper support or care, they are more likely to suffer from malnutrition and be more prone to illness. This can be due to lack a lack of accessibility to shops, physical or mental health problems, or medication restrictions. 

Medication can interfere with appetite in many ways, as can psychological concerns about being able to get to the toilet. Therefore, dehydration can become an issue. Therefore liquid hydration needs just as much consideration as nutrition. 

One of the best ways to avoid malnutrition is to use a reliable ready meal delivery service, delivery tasty nutrition filled meals straight to the doors of your elderly relatives. MyDines meal delivery service for the elderly puts energy and nutrition first; meaning that you can feel relaxed knowing your loved ones have access to healthy, balanced, real food, delivered straight to their door. 

ready meals to the elderly
ready meals to the elderly

Benefits of Senior Meal Delivery

Improve mental and physical health

Opting for healthy ready meals to be delivered to your seniors has many benefits, but it also gives you piece of mind that your elders are in good hands. Many studies have proven the positive correlation between ready meals delivered to seniors and the increase in positive mental health. 

One particular study found that seniors living alone who received meals showed significant reductions in feelings of isolation, having a positive impact on mental disposition. They also felt significantly less lonely, were less worried about staying in their homes, and said they felt safer. The research also found that those receiving meals experienced fewer falls and hospitalisations.

MyDines elderly meal delivery service allows for a personal touch, we visit your elder home, ensure the meals and safely put away and explain what each meal contains. This service is bespoke and can be changed to suit your needs. 

For many elderly people, especially those who live alone, they don’t always get this kind of personal connection with another person on a regular basis. They may talk on the phone with friends and family members, but actually being able to see someone does not happen that often and can have a significant impact on their mental disposition. 

Stay safe in the comfort of your own home

Performing regular physical activity can reduce or reverse the risk of disability and chronic disease as you age. However, some age-related changes are inevitable; muscles, bones and joints can worsen with age. Common conditions affecting muscles and bones in elderly people include:

  • osteoarthritis – the cartilage within the joint breaks down, causing pain and stiffness
  • osteomalacia – when bones become soft, due to problems with the metabolism of vitamin D
  • osteoporosis – when bones lose mass and become brittle. Fractures and breaks are more likely
  • rheumatoid arthritis – inflammation of the joints, becoming painful and often impossible to move freely
  • muscle weakness and pain – any of the above conditions can affect the proper functioning of the associated muscles.
ready meals to the elderly
ready meals to the elderly

Moving freely and getting out the house can obviously become more difficult as we get older. 

Therefore if your seniors have pre-made meals delivered straight to their door, there’s no reason to do a regular grocery shop every single week. This takes a lot of added stress off the seniors in your life. They won’t have to drive themselves to the shop or rely on someone else to take them. 

Free Meal Delivery Drop-In Service for Seniors

As a Birmingham based meal prep delivery company, we offer a drop-in service for all our elderly and disabled customers based in Birmingham and the Black Country. Our team will happily unbox and place your meals into the fridge or freezer for you, FREE of charge!

If you’re not based in Birmingham or the Black Country, don’t worry! Our nationwide delivery suppliers, DPD, are trained in delivering ready meals to the elderly. Order your meals today and look after the elders and seniors around you with healthy carriban meal delivery.