Victoria’s 4 Steps On How To Make Perfect Venezuelan Arepas

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Mydine is giving you the secret recipe on how to make the perfect Venezuelan Arepas with Victoria Masso (video & recipe below). Recipe creates 3 Arepas Cook time: 30 to 45 minutes Preparation To make great tasting Arepas you’ll need to make the filling(s) to go inside. Traditionally, Arepas are filled with grated cheese (grated … Read more

The Jamaican food shop experience caribbean-meal-prep-delivery

The Jamaican food shop experience The unhappy server. Order your food… They run out of the meal you want. So, you change your meal order… They don’t have that meal today. You… “Wait, what!” You pick something off the menu because you’re now hAngry (hungry and angry) You ask for some more gravy on the … Read more

6 reasons why you should try MyDine Meal Prep

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Why try Mydine Meal Prep? 1.     Convenience without the calories Most people have experienced having a busy day, so the last thing anyone wants to do when they get home is cook. So for most, the next option is takeaway or fast food – which can be very expensive and unhealthy. Mydine cuts down on … Read more