6 Things You Didn’t Know About MyDine

Here’s 6 things you didn’t know about MyDine

1. We Deliver Anywhere In The UK

customer receiving their mydine meal prep delivery

Similar to recipe boxes, you can order through our website, and have your Mydine meals delivered straight to your home or office anywhere in the UK.

Besides being cooked fresh to order, the difference between Mydine meal prep boxes and recipe boxes is that we enable our customers to customise their meals to suit your dietary requirements.

2. The Company Concept Was Created At University

mydine meal prep uni meals

The idea of Mydine meal prep was created during our director’s stint at Worcester University. Cleo began cooking Caribbean food for university friends and student athletes each week. More and more often Cleo would cook her friends and drop meals to their University accommodation.

3. Mydine Is A Family Run Business

mydine meal prep office catering events food mydine caribbean office food supply

Mydine was started the 25-year-old entrepreneur and former chef, Cleo Morris, who works alongside her dad and professional chef of 25-years, Errol Morris. The duo work tirelessly to ensure every Mydine meals is prepared and cooked to perfection.

4. The Only Healthy Caribbean-Fusion Meal Prep Service In The UK

customer ordering caribbean meal prep delivered to front door

We don’t use any added oils to cook Mydine meals and use low salt to ensure each meal maintains its healthy properties. All our flavours come from homemade seasoning and marinades.

Mydine meals are also calorie and macro controlled to ensure you get the correct portions of proteins, calories and fats in each meal suiting a weight loss, muscle gain or healthy eating diet.

5. Locally Sourced Ingredients 

fresh allotment vegetables grown by mydine meal prep ready to be cooked and shipped

To ensure the freshest and best quality meals are produced, all your meals are cooked to order using locally sourced ingredients from local vegetable growers and Birmingham meat and fish suppliers.

 6. Customise Your Spice!

jamaican jerk chicken meal prep delivery landscape

We allow customers to choose how “hot or not” they’d like their meals to be. So if you’re not a fan of spice, but like Caribbean flavours, or, you prefer it to be “the hotter the better”. No problem – all you need to do is let us know in the checkout and we’ll spice up your life as much or as little as you’d like!



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  1. We don’t have anything like it here in Switzerland, I mean not a thing! You guys would run your business here you’d have no competitors! The only edible thing delivered here is pizza… not so healthy!

  2. MyDine is such a great site I’ve read this last time and try it. And It has really a great food and fast service.

  3. Interesting. As someone who deals with a chronic illness I know how important it can be to get all the help you can get. Having things delivered seems like it could be really helpful.

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