6 things you need to cook Caribbean food!

Here’s just 6 things you need to cook Caribbean food

This blog is for anyone who has ever wanted to try something new in the kitchen.

Here are 6 essentials that you can use to add a little more dimension to your meals.

  1. Curry Power

Besides it’s many health benefits, Curry powder can be used in a variety of ways to add more flavour profiles to your meals. It goes particularly well when preparing meats. Adding a small amount of curry powder to your meats will help bring out the other flavours in your food without needing to add products such as salt.

Curry powder also permeates through meat, making your meat much more tender compared to salt and pepper. When used correctly, its mild flavour also means it will not overwhelm the rest of your meal.

  1. White (Spanish) Onions

This is a staple in any kitchen. White onions are the foundation of making great food and even better sauces. We use chopped white onions to season meats and sliced white onions to marinate fish to enhance flavours. We find using white onions make the biggest impact when they are used to marinate foodstuffs for at least 24hours. The additional benefits of white onions are that when cooked slowly they help to produce rich sauces.

  1. Fresh or dried Thyme

A few sprigs of Thyme can be used to enhance the flavours of any meal including fish and meat. Alongside most meats, thyme works very well with robust fishes such as Hake and Snapper. Thyme also works with spices such as paprika, curry and madras powder.

  1. Scotch Bonnets

Scotch bonnet is the pallet warming flavour in any Caribbean meal, the biggest mistake people make when using Scotch Bonnets in their food is cutting or slicing the pepper into food. The best way to use scotch bonnets in food to add its flavour, but not its heat is to add the pepper whole at the start of cooking your meal. Once your dish is cooked, remove the scotch bonnet and enjoy your meal with the flavour, but without the heat.

If you do want the heat, chop that pepper up add the seeds! (as these contain the heat) – just be ready for that spice.

  1. Pimento seeds

With spice comes sweetness. Pimento seeds are also known as all spice, which adds a sweet and mellow flavour to any dish you cook. Combine with all of the above, Pimentos helps develop the flavours in a variety of different foods when used sparingly and correctly.

  1. Time

As the saying goes… “Good things come to those who wait”. If you are planning on cooking Caribbean food, give yourself plenty of time to allow the food to marinate, cook and then simmer on a low heat.


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43 thoughts on “6 things you need to cook Caribbean food!”

  1. I love Caribbean food and have always wanted to try making some.To be honest I’ve always been a little intimidated. These tips are great and super helpful. Red snapper and rice & peas here I come!

  2. Greats tips on this – I think the last time I tried to make anything like Caribbean I was rushed for time so I didn’t have time for the flavors to develope properly. Also I’d never heard of Scotch Bonnets before so thank you!

    • No problem at all! Now you know they key things you need to cook Caribbean food. The most important one… Time! ??

  3. I loved the Caribbean food when I was in Punta Cana last summer, I really liked their dishes, especially the aroma of the curry powder. Thyme is also one of my most loved ingredients, it does enhance the taste of the dish it is added to. This is a great ingredient list to know about.

  4. I have not used some of these spices and would love to read your recipes. It is great to try new dishes and explore new cuisines. Please include some vegetarian recipes too on your blog!

  5. I don’t think I have ever tried Caribbean food before. I do use white onions as well in almost every dish I make. I had no idea that you need curry powder to cook a Caribbean dish.

    • Haha! Without time and thyme anyone will struggle to cook Caribbean food. It takes a lot of time, love and attention. Or… We can just cook it instead and save all that! haha

  6. I love Caribbean food. Curry is definitely a favorite for me. My favorite dish is curry chicken and roti. I love the curried meat, chic peas, and potatoes.

  7. I think I missed the 6th thing that’s why I am not really good at cooking Caribbean food. I need to practice the waiting attitude, seriously.

  8. I really love trying new recipes and invent new dishes. I’ll found it so useful. I am looking forward to your new recipes to post.

  9. Well i guess i won’t be cooking Caribbean food anytime soon as i don’t think i have any of this in my kitchen. Haha.

  10. I’m down to try this! I love new and different food from different cultures and love to try new recipes as well!

  11. All these things sound like wonderful and delicious things to cook with. I even have some of these ingredients on hand already .

  12. Caribbean food sounds amazing and delicious! I want to try it and now I got the things I needed. Thanks!

  13. I absolutely love Caribbean food and I have tried to make some dishes myself but I have to admit it didn’t turn out particularly great so I stopped trying.

  14. I am a huge fan of Caribbean food so I know I would love this. Thank you for sharing, I will definitely try some of these out.

  15. These are great recommendations for how to cook Caribbean food. I’ve been to the Caribbean but I’ve never tried their food. When I am there next I definitely would love to try it. I loved the part of time, everything does come to those who wait. Loved that!

  16. Being a foodie I always love to experiment with different foods from different cuisines around the World.. Thank you for sharing some facts about cooking Caribbean foods..

  17. Cute post!! I cook a lot of Caribbean dishes because my hubs is from the Bahamas, and you are absolutely right. EVERY last thing you posted is a MUST and at least a couple are always in any given “Caribbean food” dish!

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