Top 5 Benefits of Having Healthy Ready Meals Delivered

Cooking has almost taken the back seat in this modern age. With people being more and more busy with work, side projects and personal development, where is the time to cook regularly? This means people turn more and more to easy microwave meals, eating out at cheap fast food restaurants or even just snacking constantly. It’s not hard to see the downside to this with the country becoming increasingly obese. This is why we believe having healthy ready meals delivered can help combat this for the modern professional, health conscious and the elderly.

What Are Ready Meals?

The term ready meal has a bad connotation in some crowds. This is because they are synonymous with microwave ready meals, which lack real balanced nutrition and are often calorie heavy. We view ready meals entirely differently here at MyDine.

We see ready meals as a convenience that doesn’t result in drawbacks for your diet. Supermarket ready meals do provide this convenience, yes, but they don’t provide the quality nutrition you need. This is where we step in and fill that gap.

There has been lots of research into how eating frozen ready meals can be detrimental to your health in the long run. Ready meals are often high in salt and fat and low in other nutrients, as well as being heavily proccessd. Eating foods high in calories often may cause you to gain weight, whilst eating too much salt could increase your blood pressure. So if you eat ready meals regularly, it’s thought you increase your risk of related conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

At MyDine, we use locally sourced ingredients and cook all our meals fresh and to order so each meal maintains its nutritional integrity. We take a measured approach to the cooking so that not only are the meals fresh and nutritious, but calorie controlled to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Ready Meal Delivery Gives You Greater Convenience

Meal prep companies aim to give you greater convenience. Meal prep companies produce healthy ready meals delivered to your door all across the UKAs mentioned before, we believe that a ready meal should give you the convenience you need. Whether you’re a busy professional or you just struggle to organise regular balanced meals for yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits below.


Cooking balanced meals can take time. Time that you often don’t have. The key word in healthy ready meals is “ready.” Our meals allow you to eat fresh and healthy food when you are ready to. The main reason people cut corners with their diet and nutrition is time, so if you save on this precious resource you can keep progressing in other areas of your life.

Good Health and Weight Loss

Having a healthy and balanced diet takes a lot of coordination. It’s surprising how delicate and finely tuned the body is and if you start to regularly fuel it with poor food, you suffer the consequences. This is just looking at macro nutrition alone, this doesn’t take into account a more broad look at calories.

There are more nuanced ways of looking at things, but if you want to boil weight loss down into it’s simplest form, it is this: eat fewer calories than you use during the day. As a healthy ready meals company, MyDine use no added oils, preservative, additives and only use fresh ingredienst to ensure we maintain a well balanced calorie and macro profile. This means that not only will have a nutritionally balanced meal to help your overall health, but it will also help support weight loss with the right calorie plan.


Face it, even though food is just a fuel for your body, we all care about taste. If it were that simple, we’d all just have nutrient paste every day to keep our body working. Our lack of understanding of nutrition often leads to us creating unbalanced meals and calorie-heavy meals in the pursuit of taste. The opposite often happens too, thinking that taste only comes from the bad bits of food and creating horrible bland meals when trying to reign in those calories.

Using a meal prep company, like MyDine, is a great solution to this. Healthy food doesn’t have to taste bland and good tasting food doesn’t always have to be unhealthy. Having healthy ready meals delivered to your door allows you to enjoy a meal that’s good for both your waistline and your tastebuds.

Ease of Planning

If you don’t really understand what a balanced diet consists of, planning your meals can be hard. It can be very easy for you to just plan the same meals every day, due to lack of time or understanding, get bored and then undo all your good work with fast food binges. Having a meal prep company allows you to leave all the planning to someone else. Having an experienced chef and nutritionist allows you to stop worrying about food. Just enjoy all these varied and tasty meals coming directly to your door.

You Don’t Have to Leave The House

This is one of the greatest benefits of meal prep companies delivering you your meals. This is for a couple of reasons, firstly: laziness. We all love the convenience of the internet and delivery. After coming home from work, which usually involves a lot of travel, the last thing you want to do is then travel again for food.

One other benefit is avoiding supermarkets. They’re the most convenient way for most people to do their food shopping. However, supermarkets are structured and laid out to encourage you to spend money on things you don’t need. They funnel you down areas you don’t need, try and entice you with extras before you finally find what you need. Avoiding this helps you avoid being tempted by the supermarket chains.

Cost Effective Meals

If you’re new to prepping meals for yourself and cooking a balanced diet, you’ll find that you end up spending more money than you expect. Buying lots of new ingredients in the wrong quantities, adding in extras you think you’ll need, buying more expensive versions in the pursuit of quality, the list goes on. It can take a long time for you to hone your food prep abilities.

Using a meal prep company can help you be more efficient and therefore more cost-effective. Even just replacing one meal a day rather than buying ingredients in incorrect quantities will help you cut costs. Food waste is also just bad for the environment so you’ll be doing your bit there!

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